Our Technology

The company is developing patented mitochondria-targeted compounds invented by Drs. Michael Murphy and Robin Smith at the University of Otago, New Zealand in 2000-2001.

These compounds are accumulated by mitochondria within living tissue due to the presence of a triphenylphosphonium cation attached, through an alkyl chain, to the antioxidant component. The delocalised nature of these lipophilic phosphonium cations enables them to permeate lipid bilayers easily and they accumulate several hundred fold within mitochondria driven by the large membrane potential across the mitochondrial membrane.

This selective uptake of bioactive molecules should greatly enhance their efficacy and specificity of molecules whilst also decreasing harmful side effects.


Antipodean's lead compound MitoQ® (mitoquinone) is a potent, orally active compound that selectively blocks mitochondrial oxidative damage and prevents cell death. Mitochondrial dysfunction underlies a wide range of degenerative diseases, in which oxidative stress plays a key pathogenic role, including such diseases as NASH, Type 2 diabetes, ischemic heart disease, among others. Therefore, protecting mitochondria from oxidative damage is a promising and innovative therapeutic strategy to prevent cell death initiating disease processes. MitoQ® is being evaluated as an oral treatment for liver inflammation that leads to fibrosis and is associated with metabolic dysfunction.


Mitoquinol is a crystalline compound that is ideal for topical formulations. Mitoquinol has been successfully formulated into stable topical cream and serum products.